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The beginnings of the brand Farah fall on the twenties of the twentieth century. The company was founded in Texas. It is worth noting that in 2020 it celebrated the 100th anniversary of its existence on the market. The name and trademark come from the name of its founders. From the beginning, it has been associated with men's fashion, work and military pants, and then jeans. In addition to civilian clothing, she also produced uniforms for the United States Army and Navy. Currently, it is another casual brand associated with the mods subculture and the music scene.

The brand has, among others, two lines of clothes - Vintage and 1920. Farah compared to other brands, it is distinguished by the presence of retro style, which consists of colors, styles and patterns of clothes. Old trends have become part of the current, willingly chosen by casual representatives who create their own and unique style. It is worth emphasizing that clothes are a great option for individualists and people who want to stand out from others, while maintaining ease, freedom and comfort in everyday life.
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