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Weekend Offender collaboration with actor Leo Gregory

Actor Leo Gregory was born on 22 November 1978 in the United Kingdom. He appeared in several series and in several film productions. However, he gained his greatest popularity after the broadcast of the 2005 film Green Street Hooligans, where he played the role of Bovver. As it turned out later - the film production initiated a new cooperation between the actor and the clothing brand Weekend Offender.

He met the WO team in the well-known London Soho during the event, where people from the world of football, fashion, actors and musicians stayed. Everyone had a good time. After a few hours of interesting conversations and jokes, they decided that it was necessary to develop ideas created at the event. After a few meetings, the WO Leo Gregory T-shirt with a well-known scene from the film was created. The t-shirt was initially available in two colors, then the authors added more colors for sale. It was the first effect of their cooperation, which turned out to be a hit. Another move was the creation of cotton sweatshirts with the same graphic design. After such a success, it was certain that there would be more projects.

Leo Gregory 3

 "I love this brand and now also the people behind it" - Leo Gregory

After a year, a short film promoting their next collection was released - The Leo Gregory Signature Collection. The offer (compared to the previous one) has been increased by jackets in navy blue and orange. Sweatshirts in color White i Dark blue they have a small, round LG logo on the front, while the back is filled with a much larger WO logo. T-shirts in the same colors as sweatshirts, contain a large logo on the front, which shows the image of a British man living every day in Spanish Ibiza. This collection, as well as the previous one, is very popular. In the near future, the offer will probably be expanded with new colors, and when the next projects are created - we will probably find out in 2021.

Leo Gregory 2

WO LG Signature Tee White

Metka z kolekcji LG Signature

WO x Leo Gregory navy t-shirt