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Old Town Stadium - 10th Anniversary Stadium in the collection from Three Stroke

History and sense of belonging

Brand Three-Stroke Productions some time ago she released a collection of t-shirts called the Old Town Stadium Project. On the shirts were placed designs of legendary stadiums in the original version, as well as local stadiums of less popular teams. The former include such stadiums as: San Siro in Milan (the project presents 4 versions of the expansion of the stadium, starting in 1926), Boleyn Ground in London (the former, historical headquarters of West Ham United), De Meer Stadium in Amsterdam (demolished in 1998, the place of great successes of Johan Cruyff), the historic Stadio Olimpico in Rome (designed in 1927 under the name Stadio dei Cipressi) or even Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid (built in 1944 with the name Chamartín). When it comes to local stadiums, we can distinguish such as: Giuseppe Moccagatta Stadium in Alessandria (built in 1929 after the promotion of the local team to Serie A, since 2018 it has hosted Juventus under-23 matches) or the Oosterpark Stadium in Groningen (closed in 2005, it hosted two matches of the Dutch national team). The collection is a recognition of the above-mentioned arenas, where many historical and amazing events took place.

Stadium of the Decade in Warsaw

There is also a Polish accent in the collection -Stadion Dziesięciolecia w Warszawie. Opened in 1955, it could accommodate up to 71,008 people. Interestingly, the inaugural match was a meeting between the representations of the cities of Warsaw and Katowice. Many sporting events took place there (matches of the Polish national team, finals of the Polish Cup, athletics competitions), and the guest at the stadium was even John Paul II. After financial problems (high costs of maintaining the facility), the stadium was bought by the city. For the next several years it was one of the largest markets in Europe. The stadium was definitely a legendary place not only in Warsaw, but also throughout Poland and Europe.

Włoska produkcja koszulki Stadionu 10-lecia

T-shirts in black they are made of 100% cotton. The latest clothing marking techniques have been used to print the logo. They were produced in Italy, thanks to which the quality of the product looks exemplary. In addition, the manufacturer's logo was placed on the side seam.

Stadium of the Decade project available at Casual Authentic w limitowanej edycji! Do każdej koszulki dorzucamy wlepki od Three-Stroke Productions: Keep Your Head Up - Never Forget Where You Came From.